Kathimerini's "Oinochoos" magazine report in the December 2023 issue about the Mara winery


Wine was in a way always in the house of Socrates and Thanasis. The two remember the alley outside smelling of alcoholic fermentation. Their father was oenologist at the Cooperative for 25 years, so their path was probably set. The 27-year-old Sokratis studied oenology, while the 32-year-old Thanasis studied agriculture. The family planted their first vineyard in 2000. They own 20 acres, of which 15 are Xinomavro . They make red , but also rosé and white , with organic grapes. "Our goal is to make good wine, with as little intervention as possible."

Naoussa, T/6978-599792, 6975-837021

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