The wine-growing area of Naoussa

Naoussa, a beautiful city in the northwestern sector of Greece, is famous for its aristocratic tradition in wine production. As we wander through the region's endless vineyards, we discover the long history and passion that characterizes this craft.

Wine production in Naoussa dates back centuries, with local winegrowers proudly guarding their heritage. The climates of the region, the richness of the soil and the exceptional know-how in the cultivation of the vines compose a magical ensemble that offers excellent wines.

The local variety "Xinomavro" dominates the vineyards and is the secret ingredient behind the refined taste rich in tone and structure of the wines. From the light and fruity to the more dominant and aromatic, the wines from Naoussa are an experience that covers every taste.

The wineries of the region, with respect for tradition and commitment to quality, create masterpieces that reflect the uniqueness of Naoussa. The tradition of wine here is more than a production process, it is a way of life and a beautiful story that continues with passion and dedication.

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