Xinomavro grape variety

Xinomavro is a native grape variety that originates from the Naoussa zone in central Macedonia. This variety covers the largest area of vineyards in the region and is considered the most characteristic. In Naoussa, Xinomavro has the ability to express itself extremely well, capturing the unique character of the region's terroir.

The wines produced from Xinomavro in Naoussa stand out for their high acidity and intense, exuberant tannins. These characteristics allow the production of wines with a rich and expressive character.

In addition, Xinomavro wines have excellent aging potential. Over time, the tannins soften and the aromas develop, offering even greater complexity and depth. This makes Xinomavro an ideal choice for winemakers who wish to create high-quality wines that can age for many years.

Overall, Xinomavro from Naoussa is a wine that strongly expresses its terroir, with a unique flavor and aromatic profile, making it one of Greece's most distinguished varieties.

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