The people behind the wines

Thomas, the first winemaker in chronological order of the family, is the starting point of the winery, as his love for wine brought his children into contact with it and with the grape. Thomas now connects his past with his children's future, creating a legacy of experience that will continue to impress wine lovers for generations.

Thanasis, the family's agronomist, from an early age was a child who loved the land and nature. From his first steps in the vineyard, he understood the importance of cultivating and caring for the soil. His vision is for his wine to reach the other side of the world.

Sokratis, the second oenologist in the family, has always been a dreamer and creator. From his young years, he explored the secrets of winemaking with passion. His vision was and is to create unique wines, which will reflect the diversity of each variety, with Xinomavro being the first and best.

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